Sylvan Tunnel

Ross Martin

Ross Martin
Producer: Matt Flinner

Track Listing

1. Flight of the Green Chair 08:43
2. Moment of Invisibility 06:27
3. Tactic 07:32
4. Sylvan Tunnel 04:41
5. No Light from Beckett’s Hollow 08:15
6. Millsburg 04:38
7. Hard Times on Elk River 07:01
8. The Ruined Roux 08:29
9. Old Road to a New Place 04:32
10. Sylvan Tunnel (Reprise) 01:39

Produced by Matt Flinner

Engineered by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions

Mixing by James Tuttle at Subtle Sound Services

Mastering by Alan Silverman at Arf Mastering

Art and design by Kristiana Pärn

Publishing for all tracks is Sylvan Tunnel Music, BMI

(c) 2017-23 Ross Martin